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​Branch Line Concessions


​Thank you for the interest shown in the Transnet branch line concession process.


As a part of Transnet’s Private Sector Participation Plan (PSP), identified within the Transnet seven year Corporate Plan, Transnet is embarking on a process for the concession of identified Branch Lines (Concession Opportunity), with the support of and in consultation with Government. This involves managing a competitive bid process in which Respondents are being invited to submit Proposals for the Concession Opportunity. The process will culminate in the selection of a Preferred Bidder(s), with or without a Reserve Bidder(s), with whom Transnet will negotiate to conclude a Concession Agreement.


Transnet seeks to award a Concession to that Bidder who can demonstrate the necessary experience and financial capacity required to operate rail transport services successfully, and in particular, a Concessionaire who can demonstrate how they will develop the Concession Opportunity into a viable and re-energised rail operation. To this regard, respondents and bidders are hereby invited to submit proposals for:


   (a) The establishment of new rail freight services and/or new rail passenger

         services; and
  (b) the maintenance, or where necessary, the upgrading or developing of the rail

        infrastructure identified as forming part of the Concession Opportunity.


Further details on the submission of proposals and required information is contained in RFP volume 1. To download RFP Volume 1, click on the link below:


 D-B RFP Vol 1_Instruction to Bidders_Final_Feb_2015.pdf

Should you experience any difficulty with downloading the documents, kindly contact the project officer on the following e-mail


Upon your review of Volume 1, should you decide to pursue the opportunity, please e-mail the project officers who will furnish you with further information.

The Project Officer
Branch Line Concessions