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​Corporate Affairs



Corporate Affairs has the strategic focus of positioning Transnet Freight Rail with relevant stakeholders through a comprehensive and effective strategic plan incorporating communications, media, stakeholder management, event management, branding and targeted corporate social investment.

We play a key role in guiding management to appropriately develop communication strategies and to improve communication practice and delivery.


We are able to harness intimate understanding of stakeholder interests and advice the business on how best to establish rapport, build relationships and gain the trust of valuable stakeholders.


Communication Objectives

To communicate the Transnet Freight Rail Strategy with major emphasis on the Safety, Customer, People and Finance Pillars and to reinforce the understanding of the overall strategy.

  • To facilitate communications throughout the whole organisation
  • To increase pride and confidence in the company amongst all employees
  • Inculcate unity of purpose
  • Unlock employee potential 



Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Investment

  •  Position Transnet Freight Rail as a socially responsible and caring company through investing in sustainable CSI programmes, targeting communities within which TFR does business 
  •  To build sustainable relationships with communities next to rail by focusing on external safety, crime and vandalism through funding of CSI projects.

Media Relations

  • Develop and manage media strategy
  • Develop and manage media crisis management plan
  • Manage media releases, queries, briefings and conferences 
  •  Identification and publication of positive news in the various news media
  • Track coverage in the various news media



Stakeholder Objectives

External Stakeholders

  • Build effective strategic relationships with relevant external stakeholders, including Government and regulatory bodies, i.e. RSR
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are informed about Transnet Freight Rail and its activities
  • Promote co-operation between international and Africa Railway companies/relevant associations

Internal Stakeholders

  •  Build effective strategic relationships with internal stakeholders
  • Support Line initiatives to maintain good relationships with labour unions
  • Support HC initiatives focused on improving employee morale through communication 

Transnet Freight Rail is an evolving brand with heritage dating back to 1910.  TFR corporate identity is a portfolio in Corporate Affairs Depart that focuses primarily on the development and maintenance of the brand with our internal and external stakeholders.  The brand for TFR oozes elegance to ensure that business objectives are met in a uniformed identity.


Image Objectives

• Change employee behaviour by making people image conscious

• Create an internal media conscious environment

• Ensure compliance to Corporate Identity standards