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Industrial Land and Building Leasing

Transnet Freight Rail (TFR)  recently reviewed its Commercial Property (including Sidings) Strategy. The revised strategy is premised on the best positioning of TFR Commercial property and sidings for optimal rail revenue. TFR’s sidings are crucial to its quest to migrate traffic from road to rail, as well as to develop new services, as they offer essential volume consolidation for rail.

Closer collaboration with the Private sector to unlock investment focused on improved efficiency in the supply chain, reducing complexities and the cost of doing business to enable greater volume growth from road to rail that will produce outcomes which are more mutually beneficial to both our customers and TFR.

In line with TFRs drive to ensure good corporate governance, going forward all leasing of property/sidings will be going out on open bid tenders which will be advertised on the National Treasury Portal as well as the TFR Website Tenders. 

All bidders (excluding foreign) must be registered on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD)in order to bid for Transnet tenders, and only registered suppliers can be awarded business (registered as part of the CSD). Please note not being registered on the CSD does not prevent one from downloading the bid documents, it only means that they will not be considered for award of business as it is a mandatory requirement.

Given the quantum of sidings, the revised Strategy  will be implemented in a phased approach with phase 1 going to market on the 15th of February 2021.

 You are welcome to peruse the two documents below:

TFR Commercial Property Strategy (Inclusive Of Sidings) Q&A booklet