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Industrial Land and Building Leasing

Certain properties in the property portfolio of Transnet SOC Limited (Transnet) property portfolio are strategic and productive assets - vehicles for economic development, service delivery and transformation.


Transnet’s Corporate Strategy focuses on increasing efficiencies, improving return on assets and volume growth.  In this regard, Transnet is continuously striving to improve efficiencies in all its business processes, including those related to the property portfolio.  As such, the process for the leasing out of strategic property assets to third parties is also being refined to ensure a more seamless and transparent process.


The role of the Real Estate department within Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), is to enable volume growth by leveraging the use of the property portfolio through the provision of space for administration and operations, and optimising revenue by offering key real estate solutions in the leasing of its operational lease areas, terminals and sidings.


The TFR Leasing Governance Council (LGC) is a body established within TFR in order to strengthen the governance process of awarding the leases of strategic properties. In terms of the new process, all vacant strategic properties will be advertised through the TFR website for transparency in the public domain, and in accordance with a system which is fair, equitable, competitive and cost-effective.


All interested parties will be able to view the list of vacant properties and make applications for their desired properties. Upon receipt of such responses from the open market, the LGC will consider and evaluate each one in terms of objective criteria, and make recommendations to the Transnet Property Transactional Committee (TPTC), which in turn will make recommendations to the Transnet Property Committee (TPC) for final approval and award. 


All applications for new leases and lease renewals concerning strategic properties must be supported by a sound business case, setting out a clear business approach in support of Transnet’s strategic objectives.

With effect from the 1 April 2020, there have been changes in the Transnet Procurement Procedure Manual (PPM), whereupon in the Old PPM (2015 to 31 march 2020) income generating contracts were excluded.


However, the changes posed with effect from 1 April 2020 of the Transnet PPM, certain kinds of income generating contracts are regarded as procurement events and are therefore subject to s217 of the Constitution, the PPPFA and the PPM. When Transnet sells or leases out property to a third party in order to provide a core service to customers or the public through the third party, such transaction is regarded as a procurement event. For example, where Transnet leases out a siding to a company in order to service customers it actually acquires a service from the siding operator that Transnet itself was meant to perform. As such, the transaction is subject to s217, the PPPFA and therefore the PPM. 


To view Transnet Freight Rail properties that are currently advertised for leasing

Proceed to the TFR Tender Listing page, click the Property lease tender category heading to expand the list of properties that are currently being advertised by TFR, you can then select a specific advert to get the details of the tender.

Alternatively you can proceed to the National Treasury Portal to find all tender adverts for Transnet