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 Real Estate Management


The following steps must be followed:-

1.    Fill in the application form completely and in a legible manner. Please note that if certain fields are left out or not properly completed, the same will adversely impact on the outcome of your application as you may not receive any points for such field.
2.    All applicants must submit a PDF of the Discounted Cashflow Model that will be utilized to inspect the investment made by the Prospective Tenant.
3.    The Capital Investment proposed will be inspected, after the lease has been approved. If the capital is raised through Equity, a letter of support from the Company / Financial Institution must be made available.
4.    Special consideration must be provided to the EMPr, Risk Assessment as well as the Business Continuity Plan Guidelines.
5.    It is essential to provide a detailed Operational Readiness Plan.
6.    A draft letter will be provided, and utilized as a template for the Prospective Tenants to confirm the source of their volumes.
7.    The Financial Stability and Risk Assessment informs the deposit required from the outcome of the credit risk assessment.
8.    It will be to the Prospective Tenant’s advantage to submit Audited Financial Statements of less than eighteen (18) months.
9.    It will be an advantage if the Prospective Tenant has SMME, BBBEE and SD credentials.
10. In responding, all prospective tenants must be aware that Safety is a priority to TFR.
11. All Sidings / Terminals are required to be operational, as Common User Terminals.
12. When you submit the Application Form, and All Supporting Documents, you will be agreeing to sign the Standard Operational Lease Agreement that will be sent as one of the supporting documents.
13. A previous bad payment history with Transnet might result in the Prospective Tenant, not being recommended.
Please note that no further submissions will be accepted after the Submission Due Date, indicated in the TFR Web-Site.