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Rail Network

To protect Transnet's customers and staff and secure its assets, income and infrastructure by integrating and focussing its security efforts; through intelligence based operations the application of technology and in concert with its internal and external stakeholders.

Crime awareness campaigns and joint operations Formalise and sustain interface with state security agencies and other stakeholders

Participate in the specification process for procurement of material/equipment Create anti cyber capability

  • Enhance intelligence and surveillance
  • Mobile security support to valuable cargo and asset
  • Crime awareness campaign and joint operations
  • Improve security technology (Integrate nerve centre operational requirements)
  • Scale down physical security
  • Implementation of in-house security
  • Enhance financial management eg, overtime, travelling and contacted security
  • Enhance intelligence and surveillance capability
  • Formalise and sustain interface with security agencies, and other stakeholders
  • Establishment of safety structures
  • Appointment of safety health and safety representatives
  • Ensure compliance with meetings, inspections and audits


Rail Network Map
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