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​RME Services


Value Proposition

Rail Network

RME is the arm of TFR’s Rail Network Department, it is responsible for Transnet Freight Rail’s infrastructure, construction and rehabilitation works.

To a lesser extent it is responsible for the rehabilitation and maintenance of other Transnet Operating Division’s infrastructure.

Value Delivery

Through fit-for-purpose engineering, safety operations and best practice project principles, RME strives to provide Operating Divisions with value for money solutions with their rehabilitation, maintenance and emergency work challenges.

The delivery organization structure is divided into four engineering disciplines:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Track Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Signaling Works

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering work covers a broad spectrum ranging from general civil engineering works at the ports to the specialized railway formation rehabilitation works on the coal and iron ore heavy haul lines. Civil Engineering structures such as Bridges, culverts, storm water drainage, pipelines, tunnels and buildings also fall under the Civil Engineering discipline.

Track Engineering

Track engineering specializes in the routine maintenance of railway superstructure including track, ballast, sleepers, fastenings and drainage. The unit boasts the best quality and production rates for periodic re-railing and welding in the entire South African Railway Industry.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering division is involved with installation and maintenance of overhead track equipment, electrical lighting and poles, as well as electrical substations.

Signaling Engineering

Signaling engineering is responsible for the installation and maintenance of train authorization equipment and plays a very significant role in ensuring that the railway traffic control systems remain functional for smooth flow of traffic.

Rail Network Map
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