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Organizational Development and Performance




Transnet Freight Rail’s Organizational Development and Performance is the COO’s department which seeks to enable performance within TFR operations countrywide.

The department’s objectives are:
  • To ensure process discipline through process adherence governance systems and IT supported decision support systems in an automated work flow environment
  • Identify and implement actions necessary. Improve our operational efficiencies to achieve Scheduled Railway and improve customer service and cost effectiveness.
  • To provide systems and guidelines to ensure performance measuring and monitoring with predefined control limits in place, to reduce variability and increase consistency in performance: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it”
  • To enable cost conscious/effective decision making in our operations, through systems linked to the activity based costing model, to support the Business Unit Model in TFR.
  • To ensure the capacity and capability of our people and systems are aligned and can deliver the much anticipated business growth as per the Market Demand Strategy. This includes problem solving and continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma
  • To implement effective governance systems to ensure that all activities which drive the MDS objectives are practiced by all, sustained, and deliver the desired results

These objectives aim to give TFR the competitive advantage of unparalleled customer service, global benchmark operational efficiencies and well controlled operational costs. These will in turn drive consistent volume and market share growth and compounded EBITDA growth.

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