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​Railway Safety Tips


Railway safety tips

Remember to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN & THINK, when at a pedestrian level crossing.

Bridges are built to save lives

  • Pedestrians, cyclists and users of other wheeled mobility devices must obey the same rules that are set out for motorists.

  • Cross at a designated and properly marked level crossing way crossing or bridge

  • Railway tracks are not to be used as a walking pedestrian walking tracks.

  • Bikes, rollerblades, skates or skateboards must never be used on the tracks

  • Do not walk and listen to your earphones on the tracks as it takes your concentration away.

  • ​Level crossing - Right of Way


    • Remember that trains always have a right of way at level crossings

    • Never jump fences, gates or barriers at crossings.

​TFR Train Horn hoots 3 times before approaching a level crossing.

For your safety at Level Crossings a train horn sound is hooted 3 times when a train is 5km away from a level crossing. The train horn is to alert pedestrians, animals and drivers that a train is approaching the level crossing.​

Safety Vision

“Our daily freight rail operations to be accident and injury free in all our operating areas and Africa at large inspiring our stakeholders to have a safety mind-set at all times.”

"Remember to Stop, look, listen and think, when you are at a pedestrian level crossing."