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​Railway Safety Regulator Act



 Rail Safety

Safety in Transnet Freight Rail is regulated by the Railway Safety Regulator since 2002, which was appointed in terms of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act of 2002.

Safety is one of the five key focus areas of Transnet Freight Rail, which is managed with an Integrated Safety Management System, ensuring safe working practices throughout Transnet Freight Rail.

We believe that the quality of the environment that we operate in should be protected and conserved, so that the needs of present and future generations are not compromised. We aim to implement an Environmental Management System that complies with the SABS 14001 framework.

 The Railway Safety Regulator Act (16 of 2002)

This Act is a relatively simple and enabling piece of legislation containing principles of good governance and making provision for regulations to be developed as and when required.

The objective of the Act

The key objective of the Railway Safety Regulator Act is to establish a Railway Safety Regulator, independent from the railway industry, which has appropriate legislative power, enforcement capability and human resource capacity to oversee railway safety. The Railway Safety Regulator has the power to enforce and improve the level of operational safety.

Powers of the Railway Safety Regulator

The Regulator is empowered to take a number of actions, including:

  • Receiving railway occurrence (accident and incident) reports from railway operators;
  • Conducting audits, inspections and railway occurrence investigations;
  • Analysis of occurrence reports prepared by operators;
  •  Analysis of annual operators' safety plans according to the requirements of the Safety Management System regulations;
  • Analysis of performance indicators and information relating to occurrences that is submitted on a quarterly basis;
  • Where an unsafe condition, operation or activity is identified, the regulator is empowered to issue notices on the operator to improve, or to limit or cease the activity;
  • Benchmarking of operators' safety performance within South Africa and comparable operations internationally;
  • Making of regulations - the Act provides for regulations to be developed on any matter that will improve safety and
  • Regular review of standards, which include technical standards and operating rules.

Safety Vision

“Our daily freight rail operations to be accident and injury free in all our operating areas and Africa at large inspiring our stakeholders to have a safety mind-set at all times.”

"Remember to Stop, look, listen and think, when you are at a pedestrian level crossing."