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 What We Do
The Interim Infrastructure Manager Office will be responsible for:

§  Commercial

o   Access management and capacity/slot allocation to train operating companies

o   Access contracts management

o   Liaison with Regulator on the development and refinement of access Frameworks

§  Network Capacity Planning & Allocation

o   Collaborating with stakeholders on the development of rail master plans

§  Planning and Execution of Capital Projects

§  Network Infrastructure Maintenance and Management

§  Network Operations and Rail Traffic Control

o   Rail traffic management function including train control and train scheduling

§  Provision of Network Safety and Security in collaboration with Government and other crime fighting stakeholders

§  Network Property Management

§  Legal and Regulatory Compliance

o   Developing and publishing the network statement

o   Liaison with the Regulator on the development of rail regulatory policies and Acts

o   Act as a concession authority on the infrastructure owned or managed by it

§  People Management

o   Manage Rail Reform Change

o   Management of labour and stakeholder engagements

o   Organisational development process oversight

§  Finance

o   Accounting separation and tariffs

§  ICT

      o   Development and implementation of relevant infrastructure technology roadmap to manage multiple operator traffic

§  Project Management