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​Company Overview


Transnet Freight Rail Core Business

Transnet Freight Rail is the largest Operating Division of Transnet. The division's primary business is to provide rail transport of commodities for the export, regional and domestic markets. Transnet Freight Rail operates the world-class heavy haul coal and iron ore export lines and is developing the manganese export corridor to heavy haul standards.

Transnet Freight Rail also transports a broad range of bulk general freight commodities and containerised freight. The division maintains a complex rail network of approximately 31 000 track kilometres (20 900 route kilometres) over which commodities are railed.

The diverse rail network comprises 1 500 kilometres heavy haul lines, and also includes 3 928 kilometres of branch lines that serve as feeders to main lines. The rail network service provides strategic links between ports, terminals and production hubs providing connectivity with Southern African railways to support regional integration. Infrastructure connectivity, coupled with close co-operation with other Operating Divisions and collaboration with key customers, enables the delivery of freight volumes across value chains.

Transnet Freight Rail is in transition from the Business Units (BU)/ Channel model to an Operating Corridor model. This new strategy will incorporate initiatives for improved operating models, geographic expansion, and market and customer development.

The Corridors operate across geographical operating channels in an integrated network to improve train plan execution and service delivery to customers across the value chain. Transnet Freight Rail also provides the network for long distance passenger rail services as well as haulage capacity for other private passenger services

TFR introduced a new operating model that will decentralise key responsibilities to ensure a more responsive rail freight network that is better equipped to service the South African economy. TFR operates a vertically integrated, and commercially separated, railway and operationally integrates with Transnet Ports, Port Terminals, Pipelines and Rail Engineering facilities. TFR comprises a system of complementary sub-systems - integrated and connected Operating Corridors working safely & optimally. Operating Corridors are logical units of accountability that together produce results not obtainable by the elements alone – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The boundaries for Operating Corridors are defined by a set of key operating principles.  The corridors are as follows: 

"Transnet Freight Rail is proudly placed to dramatically alter the South African rail industry".

Transnet Freight Rail is proudly placed to dramatically alter the South African rail industry. This enables us to play a positive and active role in the transformation of our society. We do so against the backdrop of sound business principles, a regulatory framework and the challenges of meeting the expectations of our customers.

In compliance with the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act, 2002, kindly be aware that reference has to be made to the fact that Transnet Freight Rail is an Authorised Financial Services Provider: 18828.


In compliance with the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008, please be informed that the registration number for Transnet SOC Ltd has changed in 2012 from 1990/000900/06 to 1990/000900/30.


Transnet and its seven operating divisions, of which Transnet Freight Rail is the largest, have a standard tagline- “delivering freight reliably”.

Strategic intent

A Freight Railway that satisfies the needs of our Customers.

Transnet Freight Rail’s strategic plan aligns with Transnet’s intent and vision.


This includes a focus on key segments of the market disposal of non-core and non-freight businesses in order to drive future growth, enhanced accountability, governance and operational efficiency.

The company has further redefined its strategic intent to reflect a renewed focus on customers. This will be achieved by reducing the cost of doing business, building capacity, operating safely and improving efficiency.

​Our goal is to develop skills, while building a culture focused on customer service excellence:

  • Enabling economic growth
  • Facilitating trade growth by increasing South Africa’s competitiveness
  • Reducing the cost of doing business by transferring traffic from road to rail
  • Developing skills

The company’s growth vision relies heavily on optimising rail corridors in collaboration with its customers. This will result in winning back market share from road haulers, while integrating with the country’s overall logistics chain.

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Vision and Mission

“Fuelling Africa’s growth and development as the leading provider of innovative supply chain solutions”


"Linking economies; connecting people; growing Africa!”



  • I believe in zero harm
  • I am trusted and ethical
  • I am, because of the customer
  • I care, I make a difference
  • I deliver excellence, simply
  • I am a team player
  • –Values