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​TFR Brand


​TFR brand

Transnet Frieght Rail (TFR), the largest operating division of Transnet SOC Ltd is a brand because it identifies a rail freight service that we render to our customers, shareholders, employees, service providers, society and also in boosting the economy of South Africa and SADC.

Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) was previously branded “Spoornet” before 2007. The brand change was a collective effort of the brand structural change in Transnet SOC Ltd, the corporate group. The brand change from “Spoornet” to Transnet Frieght Rail (TFR) was led by growth, innovation, vibrancy and passion which represents the stakeholders, society and employees whom are the reason of our existence today.



The Logo

The ‘T’ is the backbone of our identity, representing our name Transnet and Freight Rail as an Operation division of Transnet.


It stands for other positive attributes transcendental, totality, togetherness, tangible, trust, transportation and transformation.

The Colours

The corporate colours red and green represent:



The red is taken from the one used in the national coat of arms and this is to reflect our ancestry, heritage, origin and ownership.

The green represents freshness, reliability and our unflinching commitment to sustainability.


Do you still see “Spoornet” branded material anywhere in your community or surrounding areas?


Email us on where you saw it and send a picture of it where applicable to: and we will be in communication with you in that regard.


Your view points are important to as you are valuable stakeholder of the brand.