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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The Information Communication and Technology Management is a department within TFR which develops and procures all the technologies required by TFR to support the efficient and smooth operating of the company.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT is responsible for

  • Business process development
  • The development and support of business applications
  • The supply of productivity software
  • The procurement of IT equipment
  • IT contracting and vendor management
  • IT projects 
  • Capital investment for the maintenance of current IT infrastructure
  • Realisation of business opportunities through the exploitation of new technology

 Technology Management (TM)

 TM is the engineering arm of TFR ICTM and is comprised of the following disciplines.

  •  Track technologies, consisting of geo technical engineering and track dynamics
  • S&T Technologies, 
          - Train control
          - Trackside detection
          - Interlocking technologies 
          - Points and signals technologies 
          - Telecommunications technologies
  • Traffic management systems
  • Condition Assessment Technologies
  • Electrical Technology, focusing on overhead electrical technology, traction power and supply and metrology and calibration technologies
  • Train Design technologies such as braking, coupler and draw gear technologies
  • Wheel set and materials technology
  • Locomotive technology
  • Infrastructure configuration management
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