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Real Estate

Portfolio Management;

 •  Leasing Management which entails
•  Commercial Real Estate Leasing ( for tenant and Landlord)
•  Outdoor adverti​sing (billboards, building wraps etc)
•  Industrial land and building leasing (warehouses and sidings)
•  Property advisory services
•  Portfolio performance monitoring
•  Maintenance of property assets (Civil, Electrical and Structural)
•  Utilities Management (water, electricity and rates and taxes)

Facilities and Engineering​​​​

  •         ​​​​​​  Space Planning
  •         Technical and non-technical facilities management” and “civil and electrical engineering support services”
  •      ​​  Standardizing specifications, processes, procedures and controls to ensure uniformity within Real Estate and to minimize financial and legal risks;
  •         Energy Efficiency
  •         Water Use Management
  •         Events and Conferencing​

Hotel Accommodation…​



•  ​The Development of Property Portfolio Master Plan in an effort to support the current and future needs 
    of business units and operations.
•  Reduction of existing Human Settlements, development and implementation of  prevention strategies to
    manage the risk of Human Settlements withinTransnet Freight property portfolio.
•  Asset Management which entails maintenance of the asset register as well as reviewing systems and processes required       to support Real EstateManagement​.