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Testimonials coming from some of our GIT's

Nonkululeko Ngcobo

Meet Nonkululeko Ngcobo GIT in Change Leadership Department and this is what she has to say: The Graduate-In-Training programme has presented an opportunity for me to get first hand work experience that will position me to be employable in the near future and also established myself in my career. Working with experienced colleagues has tremendously capacitated me in my career current occupation. It’s been almost a year and I can name quite a number of milestones the programme has helped me achieve thus far. Amongst other’s I’ve undergone Prosci Change Management Training and I ‘am now a qualified Procsi Change Management Practitioner.


Mokau Molate

(Graduate in Training Testimonial)


The Graduate in Training programme is a good platform for young adults (Graduates) to be introduced to the working environment and learn.


The programme has been a wonderful experience in that; it broadened the horizon for me. Being in the Treasury Department, I have had to learn to adapt and swim. It exposed me to working with different people, not only limited to my environment or TFR. Having been without a manager for a while, has taught me some level of responsibility and maturity, to do the job no matter what.


The level of experience acquired since the beginning of my tenure as a Graduate in Training has improved, due to interactions with different managers and conscious decisions that I have made to learn and the interest to know more.

The Leadership sessions we had with one of our then executive managers have been an eye opener, in that they taught one to look at things differently, do things differently and be the best you can be.


In my opinion, the programme needs improved interaction platforms for the GIT’s themselves as well as more training in terms of the skills provided.


Being in a working environment requires one to learn fast because it is different from Tertiary Institute and people here are much more focussed.

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