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​Bulk Liquids


Fuel & Petroleum Products

Pipeline supplies products from refineries to depots; rail is involved with bridging from refineries, depots and on-railing facilities to depots for local distribution by road.

Shipping is used for coastal supply and imports Pipeline capacity will likely be sufficient to transport required coastal supplies for inland demand


The Chemical Industry in South Africa, has been founded as a result of the demand for explosives and chemicals to support the mining industry.

As the country has no significant upstream oil reserves and until recently very little natural gas, its chemical industry has primarily developed around the gasification of coal. The synthetic fuel sector, while serving the SA Oil industry as a source of fuels, is now also the major source of chemical feedstock's and intermediates in South Africa.


Through isolation of the industry from international competition and high raw material prices as a result of import tariffs, locally processed goods have generally been less than competitive in export markets. Since re-entry into the global community, chemical companies are focusing on the need to be internationally competitive and the industry is reshaping itself accordingly. Some of the products transported by rail are gas in tank wagons, phosphoric and sulphuric acids, methanol and ethanol, caustic soda and tar acid and lastly, petroleum derivatives.