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​Meet the TFR's CE


Ravi Nair


Chief Executive:
Transnet Freight Rail

Year joined Transnet:


Meet Ravi Nair,

University of South Africa  - Bachelor of Accounting.




His areas of expertise are Management, Transport, Logistics, Operations and Finance.


  • Ravi Nair is the Chief Executive of Transnet Freight Rail, the rail division of Transnet Limited and serves on the Executive Committee of Transnet.
  • Mr Nair joined Transnet in 1994;
  • He became Chief Financial Officer for Metrorail in 1996.  He has been acting Chief Executive at TFR since April last year. Previously, he held various senior positions in strategy, operations and finance. Before he was appointed acting Chief Executive, he was General Manager in the Office of the Chief Executive, specifically tasked with driving TFR’s road-to-rail strategy.